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The aspects of the various Neters (principles, often refered to by the uninformed as gods)  from Ancient Africa are really fascinating and add to one’s own understanding.

Pan African City Alive offers several meaningful statues.


Selket is an active feminine principle in Ancient Egypt (Kemet) Spirituality, appearing in many guises. Wearing a scorpion on her head, Selket protects against poisonous stings and bites. She is often portrayed as patron to doctors.  The principle characterized by Selket is the protector of the spirit of the dead, and is associated with The West, a place of death and rebirth.  This spirit principle is one of four golden statues protecting Tutankhamen’s funeral jar containing his embalmed intestines. There are variations to her name including Selkis, Serket, Serqet, Selcis, etc.


Pan African City Alive offers an this affordable and whimsical figure of Selket for home or office. She adds that touch of the inclusive spirit to any altar.


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