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This is an allegorical novel set in the harshest century of the Atlantic Slaving War that for 300 years devastated Africa while lifting Europe to affluent world dominance. Europeans call it the “Age of Enlightenment”.  For Africans, it was a time of senseless human sacrifice imposed by the worship of The Market and its bloodthirsty god, Profit.  This volume tells the story of that terror-soaked age from the viewpoint of Africa’s slaughtered millions.

The sparkling Prologue must be read slowly and aloud to experience the full effect of its power.  The plot follows a group of 20 young initiates, eleven women and nine men,  who are captured by a collaborator king and transported as human cargo. During the Atlantic crossing they organize a shipboard revolt, then return to Mother Africa to begin their life’s work:  finding ways to stop the destruction of life,to retrieve a society built on life-giving values.
The author provides many quotes and important insights for us to apply to our communities, thereby advancing our liberation struggle. As one of the inspired Holy Books in Pan African Churches, this is a “must read” volume paying particular attention to the warnings about predators.


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