THE HEALERS by Ayi Kwei Armah


This Per Ankh Edition is the only legal edition being printed. The author now has regained ownership of this work.


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The Healers tells a story of conflict and  on a group with a chosen vocation: to replace the toxic ignorance that breeds ethnic, class and caste divisions with the healing knowledge of African unity.

The time: late nineteenth-century Africa.  Three centuries of Slaving Wars have destroyed Africa to enrich Europe and America.  Now european armies push to partition Africa for more systematic colonial pillage. The continent resists.  But because its traditional élites see themselves not as a part of one human community but as members of hostile micro national, ethnic, class and caste groups, Africa’s defenses lie shattered.

For the Healers, the cause of Africa’s subjugation is clear: the poisons of divisions have eaten deep.  The antidote is equally obvious.  The time has come to replace the destructive,obsolete rituals of division with the creative work of unifiers.” 



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