Soapstone Chess Set


Beautiful Soapstone Chess Set
18” x 18” Board

People or animal carvings

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These beautiful chess sets are handmade of a soft rock called soapstone.  Each set features beautiful and whimsical pieces.  The Kissi people have been mining soapstone in western Kenya for hundreds of years and carving the soft stone into faces, people, animals or African houses.  The natural color of soapstone is white or pinkish coral. It is polished to show the pure depth of its color.  The other colored pieces are carefully hand dyed in beautiful red, black, gray, purple or orange pigments.  Each set is hand made and therefore each is unique to enhance your game playing pleasure!

Care of Soapstone: Wipe with a damp clean soft cloth.  Never soak soapstone in water or any other liquid, as the color will be compromised.

Choking Hazard: Not for children under 4 years of age.


Board Size: 18” x 18”

Size of 8 pawns: 2” – 2 ½ “

Size of other  8 pieces:4” – 5 ½ “

Color of pieces:  Pinkish Coral and white

Grayblue and white




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