Soapstone Bowl Hand crafted in Kenya 10″


Beautifully handcrafted bowl made of Kisii soapstone by the Akamba carvers of Kenya, East Africa

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Carved from a single piece of soapstone, each bowl is a fine example of the artistic skill of the Akamba people. The raw white rock is mined in western Kenya by the Kissi and it is sculpted into the shape of the bowl.  Then the stone is stained with the various bright colors mixed by the artist. Finally using a small knife, the clear lines that form the designs on the bowl are incised into the color.

The beautiful finished designs are traditional as well as contemporary designs. There are a variety of designs, but because each piece is handmade, no two pieces are alike.  The artists enjoy doing unique pieces and not to be repetitive. So a set of soapstone bowls are close to each other, but are not exact.

The bowls are not food or water safe and should not be used for eating or for storage of wet food.


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