Punu Ancestor Mask


This Punu mask represents the spirit of an ancestor and is commonly found throughout western and central Gabon.

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Masks of this type are now used to entertain audiences during festivals or celebrations. On rare occasions the masks are used during a ritual function as part of a ceremony.During these rituals masqueraders dance and they embody the spirits of male and female ancestors. Singers may repeat the names of many ancestors during these dances to keep their memory alive in the hearts and minds of the people. The white face represents the soul of an ancestor. (White is an indicator of death).

Typical of this type of mask are the female face and the beautiful coiffure with two side braids – a hairstyle commonly used by Punu women of this region. Other common features area pointed nose, protruding kissable lips, arched eyebrows, narrow eyes and closed mouth.

Some masks have a natural wood color and are believed to have a judiciary function, and are used by chiefs to consult with the ancestors to find solutions to problems.

This mask brings a sense of order and connection to your environment as it’s peaceful countenance surveys your room. Very nice to have and it compliments a variety of ethnic decorations.


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