Mud Cloth Handmade in Mali, W. Africa


Pan African City Store offers only authentic and exquisitely beautiful handmade Mud cloth from the talented designers of Mali. Each unique panel is 45″ X 60″.

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Mud cloth is frequently used as wall hangings and table covers.  It also is crafted into lovely skirts, shirts, dresses, jackets, coats, and ponchos! Since it is so beautiful, the demand for has increased dramatically.

(Beware of imitation mud cloth.  Some are convincing until touched or you get close.)

The stunning mud cloth pictures are a contemporary development
by the latest generation of Bambara women artists!

Pan African City Alive features a wide variety of mud cloth patterns – each unique and very beautiful.


The Bambara women of the central region of Mali in West Africa make fine dyed cotton cloth called bogolanfini or mud cloth.  The white cotton fabric is woven in strips and then the strips are sewn together.  The initial dye, called wolo, is prepared by boiling the bark or leaves of certain trees.  The material remains in this solution for a day and then is rinsed and dried.   

Using a special mud that has been curing for more than a year, the artist paints the outline of the designs on the cloth with a strip of bamboo.  After the many careful steps of the resist method, the cloth is dried in the sun, beaten with a rod, rubbed between the hands, and finally rinsed in water to remove all the mud. The pattern therefore stands out against the background – white against dark, dark against brown, brown against yellow and a variety of other combinations.  The Bambara women obtain this fine and clear detail by practice and the typical pride of artists in the finished products.


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