METU NETER V.1 By Ra Un Nefer Amen


The Great Oracle of Tehuti And the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation


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The oracles of Ancient Black Civilizations aimed to guide individuals and nations in all areas of life.  Through them it was possible to discover the spiritual cause and meaning to earthly events.  These great oracles prescribed the words of power and other occult forces that can be manipulated by the initiate in order to control the events of his life.

In this book you will find the hidden keys that have eluded Egyptologists for ages.  You will learn how to objectively evaluate every belief, method, and spiritual measure that can be taken in any given situation in life. This book, with its companion oracle cards, will allow you to help yourself as well as others through the foreknowledge of upcoming events and the spiritual causes behind them.

The material in this work was known and used as a way of life in African communities thousands of years before the Bible.
403 Pages   Khamit Meida Trans Visions Inc       Appendix, Selected Bibliography, Index, Illustrations



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