Leather Elephants


These wonderful elephants are a piece of art that speak for themselves.
6″, 12″, 21″ and 28″

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Normally everything in Pan African City is made by Africans at home or  abroad, but these leather animals are uniquely handcrafted in India (our cousins). They can be best described as unique home accent or life style accessories with a very unusual appeal.  You really don’t need to be an interior decorator or a collector to appreciate the aesthetic value that these animal figurines have to offer – the only qualification you will ever need is a heart beating inside you.


 These animal figurines are among a few things in our lives that are not mass produced. Each animal is individually handcrafted – no two pieces are ever the same. This handicraft is also very unique in the sense that it belongs to one specific region in Central India where the craftsmen have exceptionally knowledge and understanding of animal anatomy and the extraordinary workmanship.


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