JOHN BROWN MYSTERIES by Allies For Freedom


Jean Libby, Editor and Compiler


This text is a fascinating record of the events of the raid on Harper's Ferry, Virginia in October 1859 from the Afrocentric perspective.

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JOHN BROWN MYSTERIES is a collaboration by authors who are educators and community history activists, based upon more than twenty years of research, exhibitions and publications on John Brown and Africans in America.

By and large, evidence of Africans in rebellion with John Brown has been overlooked.  Denial served the needs of the slave society to limit the insurrection and to propagandize that bondage was preferred by the enslaved.  The most amazing cover-up revealed here is of a mass liberation that did begin near Harper’s Ferry and continued with large numbers of fugitive families – newly liberated.

The research presented here is counter to the prevailing textbook view that the enslaved people refused to fight with Brown in support of their own liberty,and that he may have won the battle of Harper’s Ferry had they not been cowards. John Brown himself was a man of great integrity who inspired a multitude people including the Honorable Malcom X who said,

“I don’t go for any nonviolent white liberals. If you are for me and my problems – when I say me, I mean us, our people – then you have to be willing to do as old John Brown did.And if you are not of the John Brown school of liberals, we’ll get you later.”Malcom X 1965

115 pages      Pictorial Histories Publishing Company

Acknowledgments, Recommended Readings, Internet Resources on John Brown/Africans


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