Elephant Mask


Beautiful hand carved wooden 22″ Elephant Mask by the Baule people of Ivory Coast

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The elephant is one of the world’s largest land animals known for its power, grandeur and fidelity to family and group. It has long been respected as a symbol of a great leader, his/her representatives and/or of a great people.

This elephant mask depicts the most recognizable features of the elephant: long trunk, large ears, prominent tusks and clear forward gazing eyes. The dancer wearing this mask placed it on the top of the head and danced bent over with the face forward. This masquerade was a poplar event to young and old.

This beautiful mask brings all of the positive qualities of this grand animal into your environment.  Each Baule elephant mask is an original since it is individually carved from a single block of wood. No two are exactly alike – similar in style, but not identical.


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