Ebony Skeleton


These sensitive and whimsical pieces are individually fashioned from highly polished ebony wood by the world famous Makonde carvers of Tanzania.

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African ebony wood is an exceptionally dense and beautiful wood found only in Africa. Its exceptional density not only makes it very heavy, but also gives it a beautiful sheen when polished. Ebony is the heart of the tree and the bark is much lighter in color. Because of the high value of this wood, only the master carvers of Africa are able to use it for their craft. The carvers use simple hand tools to produce these exquisite works of art. The word “ebony” derives from the ancient Egyptian culture and means black. Each piece has its own special beauty.

Each carving is carefully hand crafted and is therefore one of a kind.  The elongated figure is depicting an event from every day life in East Africa.

1. Female with a baby on her back
2. Life-giving water bearer
3. The traveler carrying a gourd
4. Contemplating many matters


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