Authentic Kente Cloth


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This is the beauty of ORIGINAL Kente cloth!! For hundreds of years this was the traditional fabric for the robe of the royalty of the Ashanti of Ghana in West Africa: Elegant and Unique Kente Cloth.

Hundreds of years ago, after watching spiders spin webs, an Ashanti chief, Oti Akanter, is said to have designed the bright and richly designed material that we now know as Kente cloth. The present weavers utilize the same processes that have been handed down over the generations. A long narrow strip of material is woven and the strips joined, side by side to make a larger cloth. Therefore the original Kente takes a great deal of effort to make each cloth and therefore it was very expensive. The designs are traditional, woven right into the fabric and each pattern has a different meaning: some of them represent particular families or social rank. For many years wearing Kente cloth was restricted to the royalty of the Ashanti people. But in recent years individual strips of Kente cloth have made available at affordable prices.

The beautiful pieces that are carried by Pan African City Alive still stand apart from the prints as true works of art, history and culture.

Additionally Kente textile prints have been produced, greatly reducing costs, increasing availability and producing a continuous cloth instead of joined strips. Now all of us can wear Kente print and take pride knowing that the original was made for royalty.

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