Ankh of Ancient Egypt in Brass


The ankh is the oldest symbol of spirituality known to humankind. This representation comes from us from over 10,000 years ago in the Nile Valley of Africa.

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The literal translation of the Ankh symbol from the original Medu Netr (hieroglyphics) is “Eternal Life” or the key of life.  The parts of the whole can be identified as follows:

  • The top loop represents the female (womb)
  • The bottom represents the male (penis)
  • The side extensions represent the children, both male and female, to insure the perpetuation of the family and through it, the continuation of humankind.

Pan African City Alive offers the handmade brass ankh in four (4) sizes to be worn or displayed in home, spiritual center or other location as a continual invocation of life and community. Each ankh is made in contemporary Egypt and is tastefully etched with apporpriate symbols. (Sizes may vary slightly, but are very close.)

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9" Ancient Egyptian Ankh, 6 1/2" Ancient Egyptian Ankh, 4" Ancient Egyptian Ankh, 2 1/2" Ancient Egyptian Ankh


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