Agadez Cross (Tuareg Pendant): the In Gall and the Abalak


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TWO of the 22 beautiful

AUTHENTIC  Agadez Crosses (pendant):

In Gall” and “Abalak”

(The term ‘cross‘ is a European term with no equivalent in Tamasheck, the language of the Tuaregs. These therefore are really pendants, also known as amulets.)

Each  Agadez Cross, In Gall and Abalak, in our collection was created by Tuareg jewelers of an alloy of silver and nickel in the traditional way using the lost wax technique.  The black necklace, made in the traditional manner, contains four cylindrical embossed and decorated segments called ismana. These silver tubes and the accompanying black seed beads are authentic Tuareg and are hand-forged in Agadez. Inserts of wood, usually ebony, or semi-precious stones, such as onyx or carnelian, are embedded in the pendent by Tuareg jewelers. Therefore each of the In Gall and Abalak Pendants at Pan African City is a unique creation.

The Tuareg people live in Western Africa, principally Niger, Mali, Algeria, Burkina Faso and Libya. The 22 Agadez Pendants each represent one of the Tuareg main cities of Niger and Mali. The most famous is the city of Agadez in Niger. There is a belief that the Agadez Pendant was inherited from the Egyptian Ankh, the Key of Life, where it originally depicted the Sun god. . The Agadez Pendants with four arms, also named the “Southern Pendant“, symbolize the four cardinal points for a nomadic people such as the Tuareg. The center of the pendent represents God and the four arms of the pendent keep evil at bay (i.e. God is everywhere: at the four corners of the earth). Thus this pendant can be worn as a protective amulet.

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