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Pan African City Alive was opened in September 1993 in Palo Alto, California by Peter and Keisha Evans, as an Africentric shop to provide for the Africentric needs of folks in the San Francisco Bay area. A move to Sunnyvale in 2007 has allowed the mission of the shop to be expanded to become a destination for a community of like-minded people. Pan African City Alive has been and is now a place where people come and leave fulfilled. Clients/visitors usually have purchased what they came for, were treated well, enjoyed the conversation, learned something new, etc. Additionally on Saturday mornings from 10:30 to 1:30 there is live music is to be enjoyed. PACA is a destination where you can find authentic and affordable items from Africa or the Diaspora – hence the name PAN African. Finally, we want everyone to know that we're more than a store. We also consider ourself as a source for researching the rich history of creativity unique to the African people. Enjoy!



Pan African City Alive is proud to offer the authentic and wonderful bogolanfini from Mali, West Africa. Bògòlanfini or bogolan ("mud cloth") is a beautiful cotton fabric.
Traditionally bogolanfini is dyed with fermented mud as a resist. Bogolanfini is important in traditional Mali culture and now has become a symbol of Malian historical and cultural identity. The cloth is being exported worldwide for use in elegant fashions, in fine art and decorations.
In Mali, the cloth is worn by people of all ethnicities, including prominently in Malian cinema and by Malian musicians, either as an expression of national or ethnic identity or as a fashion statement. Bògòlanfini has become a popular Malian export to the United States. It is often marketed in the US either as a symbol of African American culture or as a generic "ethnic" decorative cloth.

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