• Drums Alive!! - Dec 01, 2014

    Our very first visit to Pan African City Alive!! on a Saturday where we discovered not only True Authentic African Art, but also, a unique calling for music with others who enjoy the sounds of drums as we did.  We look forward to this weekend,  I think we will bring DETAILS

  • Nubians - Nov 29, 2014


    In modern day Africa, Nubia would be a five-hundred mile long stretch of land along the Nile river.

    Nubia being an area of scholarship was vastly overlooked because of its neighboring country, Egypt.  All the art and history finds were also credited to Egyptians and after a while excavation was  impossible DETAILS

  • - Nov 26, 2014

    Decades before the recording of any form of art history, the beautiful and colorful African art was flourishing, prospering and forming itself with time. Representing and portraying the different and elaborate cultures and empires. The history of African art showcases the many cultures and traditions of changing generations.

    The African art DETAILS

  • Colonialism and African Art - Nov 23, 2014

    Although African art history goes back 26000 years, the better known artwork to most people started in the nineteenth century. African artist and their work caught the eye of the Western artists, scholars, and collectors during this period because Europeans started collecting many of the artworks from the areas of DETAILS

  • African Art History - Nov 19, 2014

    Typically the term used for the African art is vastly generalized.  The Continent is filled with people from different societies, civilizations and back ground which makes them and their art work, each unique in their own way.  African art also include, art from Africans or people who consider their descent DETAILS

  • Art and Music as one - Nov 16, 2014

    Please join us at Pan African City every Saturday from Noon – until the drummers get tired. Enjoy culturally rich entertainment (at no cost) featuring African instruments such as drum, guitar, bass, sax and more. You are more than welcome to play one of our drums, sing, dance or bring DETAILS

  • Check us out!! - Oct 04, 2014

    We have redesigned our website.

  • SPECIAL MUD CLOTH SALE - Sep 27, 2014

    Exquisitely Beautiful Mud Cloth from Mali, W. Africa.
    Pan African City Store offers a wide selection of the authentic and exquisite handmade Mud cloth from the talented designers of Mali. Each 45″ X 60″ panel is uniquely beautiful.

    4′ x 6′

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