• African Artists - Dec 24, 2014

    Kudzanai Chiurai, the first black artist to earn a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the University y of Pretoria,  has become a very important symbol in African art because of the way he uses his artistry to showcase world suffering and government corruption in today’s world. Chiurai’s work combines DETAILS

  • The artist behind the art - Dec 21, 2014

    We always speak of the art and not very often of the artists.  Who are some of the  famous African artists?

    Gerard Sekoto was born in 1913 at the Lutheran Mission Station in Botshabelo near Middelburg,  His parents were missionaries therefore music was part of his everyday life and so he DETAILS

  • Different views of Art - Dec 18, 2014

    African art leads us to have better and deeper understandings of the varied cultures that excited and still exist in Africa and of the art itself.   Each art piece supplements the primary themes of birth and rebirth and the human evolution.

    For example: The Akan kingdom in southern Ghana was founded DETAILS

  • Art - Dec 14, 2014

    One of the unusual coincidences in history of art is the 5th century BC masterpieces in two antagonistic  styles of sculpture.  2500 years later,  and these styles have become major      opponents of, art of the present time.


    One, the classical realism and the other is the sculpture of Africa, showcasing  human DETAILS

  • Art forms - Dec 10, 2014

    West Africa is the center of African art.  Further away from Niger, art is limited to crafts, decorative art and industrial (multi use) art.

    Industrial or “applied art” is the product of a skilled worker or a machine (with pre design) that create everyday objects, which can be either decorative or DETAILS

  • African Jewelry - Dec 07, 2014

    Africa being the birth-place of human civilization is also where first jewelry  was made and worn.

    All Jewelry made in African nations represent different regions and groups.  Religions and rituals also play a big role in decorations of each piece of jewelry.  Thus every piece of jewelry is worn to show DETAILS

  • Drums Alive and More! - Dec 06, 2014

    Pan African City Alive! welcomes all in the community to come in today and enjoy the drumming session. It will be held outside in the patio area.  This is a free event. There will also be a special surprise in  addition to the drumming today! While you are there, check out some of the unique DETAILS

  • Influence of African Art - Dec 04, 2014

    Artists of the 20th century became charmed and fascinated by African art.  Artists like Picasso and Derain were amongst the many other artists who visited the Trocadero museum in Paris/ France trying to digest what they found in their presence.  Pieces representing the human history and what they had accomplished DETAILS

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