• African lost-was casting - Jan 30, 2015

    The simple and basic form of lost-wax casting has been very much practiced for centuries on the African continent.  Althought it is difficult to establish how the method was developed or brought into the region, it is very clear that West African sculptors were casting brass with this method for DETAILS

  • Artist - Jan 25, 2015

    Joshua Johnson born in 1763,  an American biracial painter from the Baltimore was often viewed as the first person of color to make a living as a painter in the U.S. and he is well known for his paintings of important people of  Maryland.

    He was discovered in 1939 by art DETAILS

  • Jewelry - Jan 22, 2015

    There are in general 22 different models of native Tuareg Cross counting the cross of Mano Dayak, actually invented after his death.  Each cross is symbolizing a tribe allowing the origin of the people who are wearing them to be identified.  One of the most famous cross is still the DETAILS

  • African art - Jan 18, 2015

    African art comes in many different structures and is also made from many different materials. One of the popular form of art in African culture is Jewellry, which is a form of declaring rank or your connection to various groups and or basically a regular use of jewelry, for its DETAILS

  • Gerard Sekoto - Jan 15, 2015

    Between 1956 and 1960, many of Sekoto’s compositions were published by Les Editions Musicales. Sekoto played the piano while singing on his many records.  He mostly composed sad and gloomy songs, remembering his loneliness in a foreign land.  He was very courageous and battled many obstacles to survive in a DETAILS

  • Art - Jan 08, 2015

    For thousands of years, African culture was basically taught through verbal communication.
    Africans used sculptures and different objects to pass on their customs to the future generation.
    The art and culture are one and the same. Culture is the acceptance and operations of the history that make up a society. In Africa DETAILS

  • Henry Tanner - Jan 04, 2015

    To obtain artistic acceptance, Tanner left America for France in late 1891 to study at the Academie Julian.  He also took part in the American Art Students Club of Paris. He returned home occasionally and very briefly and he ended up spending the rest of his life in France.

    In Paris DETAILS

  • Benin bronze - Dec 28, 2014

    For a long time the Benin bronze sculptures were the only historical confirmation dating back many centuries into the West African past, and both the level of technical accomplishment achieved in bronze casting, as well as the enormous strength of the figures represented, were the object of great appreciation.

    It is DETAILS

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