• Animistic Art - Feb 20, 2015

    Different forms of art in Africa date back to prehistoric times.

    Among the earliest types of painting found in Africa are cave paintings of men and animals on the walls, which are believed to have been done by early Bushmen, who now live in the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa.

    African art DETAILS

  • Beautiful African Art - Feb 16, 2015

    Pablo Picasso stated…


    “I have felt my strongest artistic emotions when suddenly confronted with the sublime beauty of sculptures executed by the anonymous artists of Africa”.

    African Art embodies all that is controversial, spiritual, symbolic and arresting about Africa. It can bring joy or fear, emotionally exiting or startled responses… it is DETAILS

  • Kente Cloth - Feb 15, 2015

    This is the beauty of ORIGINAL Kente cloth!! For hundreds of years this was the traditional fabric for the robe of the royalty of the Ashanti of Ghana in West Africa: Elegant and Unique Kente Cloth.
    Hundreds of years ago, after watching spiders spin webs, an Ashanti chief, Oti Akanter, is DETAILS

  • Dogan Art - Feb 11, 2015

    Dogan art is mainly sculpture. It usually revolves around religious values, ideals, and freedom.  Dogon sculptures are not supposed to be seen publicly, and are hidden from the public eye.  Due to its symbolic meaning and the process by which they are made, they are kept in the houses of DETAILS

  • VMFA’s African art collection - Feb 09, 2015

    Regarded as one of the most comprehensive in the United States, featuring figures, masks, textiles, regalia, and ritual objects from more than 100 cultures throughout the continent is VMFA’s collection of African art,. This collection show cases a broad-based view of the arts and cultural history in Africa from the DETAILS

  • Tracey Rose, South Africa - Feb 05, 2015

    Tracey Rose, South Africa

    Tracey Rose was born in Durban and currently living in Johannesburg.

    Tracey Rose is a feminist and a contemporary multimedia artist.  She is best known for her bold, provocative, narrative-less performances, video installations and photography. Rose portraits identity issues such as sexual, body, racial and gender in her DETAILS

  • African Masks - Feb 02, 2015

    History, culture, ritual, spirituality are some common adjectives used to describe African masks.

    Most of the time, African masks have a spiritual meaning which may not be apparent to all people . The traditional edges and odd weird looking masks may appear scary to most people who are not familiar with DETAILS

  • African lost-was casting - Jan 30, 2015

    The simple and basic form of lost-wax casting has been very much practiced for centuries on the African continent.  Althought it is difficult to establish how the method was developed or brought into the region, it is very clear that West African sculptors were casting brass with this method for DETAILS

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