• Sowei Mask - Mar 26, 2015

    Sowei Mask

    The Sowei mask is worn over the head of an older female who dances for the Sande women’s society. The mask displays and celebrates Mende ideals of female beauty and virtue: elaborately braided hair confirm cosmetic skills and sexuality,  neck creases display good health, smooth and broad forehead indicates DETAILS

  • Asante Textile Arts - Mar 18, 2015

    Akan textile arts displayed status and authority.  Weaving them on the other hand had a whole traditional story behind it.  A type of cloth used for ceremonial weaving was called kente, which was linked in Akan mythology to the spider Ananse, pronounced to be the first weaver. Its production was DETAILS

  • Nigeria and Art - Mar 15, 2015

    Nigeria’s artistic tradition dates back to  thousands of years ago. Art in Nigeria had a religious importance to people but in time art started evolving and it now includes many decorative items.

    Art form all over the country is sold in major markets in Nigeria but  most regions only deal with DETAILS

  • Iron in West Africa - Mar 12, 2015

    Iron in Nigeria was very fundamental to the rise of important kingdoms, such as Dahomey, Benin, and the Yoruba kingdoms.. All of these Nigerian kingdoms had many of the same spiritual beliefs concerning the attributes of iron and its work methods and therefore very much connected to one another.  Ogun, DETAILS

  • African fertility dolls - Mar 07, 2015

    The primary use of African fertility dolls is to ensure the fertility of those who have them in their possession.

    For this matter all young girls play with dolls, which lets them imagine their roles in the future as mothers and adult women who care for their families and people.  Most DETAILS

  • Sokari Douglas Camp, Nigeria 1958 - Mar 04, 2015

    Sokari Douglas Camp,

    Nigeria 1958

    Camp was born in Nigeria but lived in London for numerous years.

    Sokari Douglas Camp is one of the greatest female sculptors who broke into the male-dominated field of sculpting in Africa, and belongs to the first generation of female artists to have attracted the attention of the DETAILS

  • African Masks - Feb 28, 2015


    In Africa masks are traced back to stone age times.  Masks are a beautiful art object and are made of different types of  materials, including leather, metal, fabric and different types of wood.

    African masks are considered amongst the finest creations in the art world and are highly sought after by DETAILS

  • Jacobus Hendrik - Feb 25, 2015

    Jacobus Hendrik (Henk)also known as Pierneef,  was born in Pretoria, to Dutch and Afrikaners’ parents. He started his high school career at the Stats model school where he took his first art classes, but all was interrupted by the Second Boer War. Due to the war, the Pierneef family decided DETAILS

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