• NDEBELE DOLLS - Apr 22, 2015

    The Ndebele people in Southern Africa are noted for painting their homes brilliant colors that stand out in the barren countryside and for their similarly beautiful clothing.  They have created a wonderful tradition of dolls that is also shared by their neighbors, the Zulu. The bead work on the Ndebele DETAILS


    Dolls, miniature replicas of humans, are toys that are found almost universally. Most often they are  made for young children. However, as children grow older, girls exclusively become owners of dolls.  In Africa, as in other regions, dolls are created in varying shapes and garments according to region and custom. DETAILS

  • Selket - Apr 16, 2015

    The aspects of the various Neters (principles, often refered to by the uninformed as gods)  from Ancient Africa are really fascinating and add to one’s own understanding.

    Pan African City Alive offers several meaningful statues.


    Selket is an active feminine principle in Ancient Egypt (Kemet) Spirituality, appearing in many guises. Wearing a DETAILS

  • El Anatsui - Apr 11, 2015

    El Anatsui is an internationally acclaimed artist who transforms simple materials into complex assemblages that create distinctive visual impact. He uses resources that are usually discarded such as liquor bottle caps and cassava graters to create sculpture that defies categorization. His use of these materials reflects his interest in reuse, DETAILS

  • African American Artists of Twentieth century - Apr 09, 2015

    The tensions between an art that refers to black people’s social conditions and an art that transcends race and class politics are perhaps the primary hallmarks of African American art in the 20th century. Once the hope of emancipation and political enfranchisement gave way during and after Reconstruction to the DETAILS

  • Ghana El Anatsui - Apr 05, 2015

    One of Africa’s most influential sculptors, Ghana El Anatsui is at the forefront of contemporary artists of his time and has received considerable international attention for his sculptural experiments. A professor in the Sculpture Department at the University of Nigeria and a prolific sculptor, Anatsui’s preferred media are clay and wood, DETAILS

  • Uche Uzorka - Apr 01, 2015

    Nigerian artist Uche Uzorka is one of the new names making an impact within the African art scene this year.  He graduated with a degree in Painting from renowned artistic mecca University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2004 and in 2011 won first place in Nigeria’s National Art Competition with Chike DETAILS

  • Asante - Mar 29, 2015

    In the seventeenth century, the region of West Africa known as the Gold Coast (modern Ghana) was dotted with several small-scale principalities populated by peoples belonging to the Akan cultural group. Linked by trade routes, a shared language, and similar belief systems, these states nonetheless remained separate entities until the DETAILS

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