Art and Music as one

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Please join us at Pan African City every Saturday from Noon – until the drummers get tired. Enjoy culturally rich entertainment (at no cost) featuring African instruments such as drum, guitar, bass, sax and more. You are more than welcome to play one of our drums, sing, dance or bring an instrument of your own.

 Art is a vast subject which exchanges, communicates and informs as well as  brings generations together. Pan African City Alive is proud to be a place of art: carvings, masks, fabrics, jewelry, drums, music etc. Art in its many forms.

Sculptures have been the main spiritual devotion in many cultures and they also have been a main source showcasing human agonies and emotions.

 African Art history illustrates the role and the formation of the history of the world.  The fact that Africa is the first source of the history of mankind makes African art more fascinating.  It is reported that the first ever found art form of any source was recovered in a cave in South Africa dated back to over 70000 years ago.  And the earliest sculpture forms found in Nigeria dated back to 500BC.

Central African art history is unique for a couple of reasons; one that many of the people who resided there tended to be more stationary than others and did not move around often, Thus, they kept most of their belongings, often over long periods of time, as opposed to more nomadic people who often relocated.  These groups took far less with them; only carrying necessary items based on their functionality.  And second, the artists/artisans of Central African art  created figurative sculptures that received western collectors interest because of the strong design featuring balance and harmony combined with spirituality and expressiveness.

Art is universal, and it’s not just a form of transferring history.  Life without Art equals to a piece of paper without a pen, blank…….

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  1. cinnabar says:

    Art is the Key that opens the door to transcendent space , hotep

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